Aug 28, 2010

Installing Cassandra on Ubuntu

Installing Cassandra

Download and extract Thrift :

1. Install dependencies (Ubuntu)
sudo apt-get install libboost-dev automake libtool flex bison pkg-config g++
2. Change to Thrift Directory 
make install
This should install thrift on your system. 

1. Go to On home page there is a link to download the latest stable release. Download the latest version.

2. Save the downloaded file......lets say in /home/Downloads (ubuntu ) .

3. Extract the file to /whereveryoulike/. I use /home/Cassandra62.

4. Change into the directory ... $ cd cassandra62

5. $avemaria-laptop:/home/cassandra62 # : ls

6. Output should be something like this -

bin          conf     DISCLAIMER.txt  lib          NOTICE.txt  test
build.xml    contrib  interface       LICENSE.txt  README.txt
CHANGES.txt  debian   ivy.xml         NEWS.txt     src


Now the installation of Cassandra which is pretty easy and straightforward :

cd into directory named 'bin' :
and ./cassandra -f
This will run your cassandra and the output will be shown of the foreground hence the flag -f.

If you see 'Cassandra Starting up' that means your Cassandra is up and running and you are ready to play with her...
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